That Summer Feeling: Common Ailments To Watch Out For This Season

Posted on July 3, 2018 by

urgent careDuring the summer months, your kids will most likely be spending their time in the great outdoors. It’s good to go on an adventure and soak up the sun. But it’s also good to remember that summer comes equipped with its own fair share of illnesses.

To help you fight back against summertime sickness, here are some of the most common illnesses to watch out for during the warmest months of the year.

Summer Sneezes: Allergies
Unfortunately, seasonal allergies aren’t limited to spring. Medical professionals have dubbed this year’s allergy season as one of the worst. Seasonal allergies can cause congestion, itchy eyes, and rash.

In extreme cases, they can also cause you to have trouble breathing. To help reduce allergy symptoms, begin taking over the counter allergy medications. Visit your local urgent care if your symptoms worsen or if you have difficulty breathing.

Keep Covered And Carry On: Sunburn
Sunburn is the classic summer ailment. Minor sunburns occur when you’re exposed to direct sunlight without sunscreen. You can treat these burns with aloe and cocoa butter to relieve pain. Sunburns that are more severe can cause painful blisters and flu-like symptoms.

Be sure to apply sunscreen that’s SPF 30 or higher on sunny days, stay hydrated, and avoid direct sun exposure. If you’ve suffered from a severe sunburn, visit your local urgent care for treatment.

The Kind Of Fatigue No Coffee Can Help: Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion occurs when you overexert yourself in direct sunlight or high temperatures. Often, heat exhaustion accompanies dehydration. Symptoms include heavy sweating, dizziness, muscle cramps, vomiting, and rapid heart rate.

If you’re experiencing heat exhaustion, find a cool place to sit and relax. Drink plenty of water. Heat exhaustion can cause heat stroke if left untreated.

Not Those Kinds Of Limes: Lyme Disease
Summer is often considered one of the best times to go camping and hiking. Unfortunately, ticks tend to live in those densely wooded areas where you plan to take your hikes.

Ticks carry Lyme Disease, a bacterial infection with flu-like symptoms including chills, aches, headache, fatigue, and fever. Be sure to check yourself and your kids for ticks after going through the woods.

Children account for over 43% of Medicare enrollees. That said, keep an eye on your kids for any sign of illness if they’ve been bitten by a tick. Early treatment at your local urgent care is key.

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