Our goal at Unified HealthCare of Idaho is to deliver and coordinate quality, ethical, and comprehensive patient-centered health care to you and your family in a respectful, compassionate, and
accountable manner.

Michelle Tueller (Co-Founder)

Tom Tueller (Co-Founder)

Alisha Tueller

Anna Gruwell

Alex Diaz

Paula Green

Brie Chatigny

Braxton Ball

Lisa Blakeman

Lyndsey Floyd

Lena Bybee

Paul Wurtsmith

We follow the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of care which is based on providing you a care team. This care team includes your medical provider, nurse, counselor, case manager, and/or other health professionals. These team members are like having “health coaches” who help you get healthy and stay healthy while making sure you receive the care and services that are right for you. Of all these members, you are the most important member of your care team. With that, we are able to coordinate your care with mental health treatment, drug and alcohol treatment, as well as any other specialty clinics where you may be receiving additional services.

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